Privacy Policy

The long and short of it is this: We collect only what we need to, and share as little as we can, for reasons like consensual email marketing. We don't sell your data and we avoid services that track you to sell ads. That's the core of our philosophy, but read on for details.

Data we collect

When visiting our website we may log your IP address to help us prevent abuse.

Your rights & Contact us

We'll delete any data we have on you at your request. You can also ask for a copy of your personal data, or request that we update it. Please email us at

Third parties & data sharing

We avoid it where we can, but sometimes we have to share data when we make use of third party services. Here's the list of third parties that we share information with.

  • Plausible: A website analytics tool that makes their money directly from us, not from tracking people to sell them ads. When using our website Plausible will receive your IP address, but no identifiable information is collected.

Policy Updates

We'll need to update this policy from time to time. Our philosophy won't change, but we encourage visitors to frequently check this page for any major changes to the policy.